Anchor Plates and Heads

Anchor heads

All the strands of the anchor are simultaneously put under tension in a single block with their clamping wedges.
In function of the drilling diameter the plate will be sized. The range varies from 2 to 12 strands. The heads used are the same as those used in structure cables and therefore tested in accordance to the current regulations, the steel of the heads is conforming to the EN 10025 standar ds.

The head allows to tension simultaneously all the strands making up the single anchor. The heads of our production are made in C45 with defined geometries, as per the tables below. Automatic production plants still allow us to process any type of geometry according to the requirements of individual customers.
We produce heads for tie rods strand 0.6“ and 0.5” and our heads are provided with their anchor wedges made in compliance with current standards too.
The heads will be accommodate in a suitable distribution plate suitably dimensioned according to tons of throw and the drilling diameter. We also produce threaded heads for any re-tensioning.

Technical specifications

  Head Outer diameter
 T. 2x0,5”6840
 T. 4x0,5”8845
 T. 5x0,5”9848
 T. 7x0,5”10850
 T. 9x0,5”12850
 T. 2x0,6”8853
 T. 4x0,6”10353
 T. 5x0,6”11853
 T. 7x0,6”12855
 T. 9x0,6”14855
 T. 12x0,6”16858
 T. 15x0,6”18865
 T. 19x0,6”19870


Anchor Plates

This typology has been sized to have also the function of plates of distribution. This kind of plate uses a mono strand stressing jack for every strand of the anchor.
Plates have been checked and submitted to laboratory tests as prescribed by the current standards and the steel is confirming to the EN 10025 standards and is provided with the relative CE mark.
The anchorage grips, formed by bushing and wedges, will be positioned on the plates.

Distribution and anchor plates have the dimentions required from the customer. We can produce them from bar or metal sheet, they will be cutted by oxygen cutting or with suitable band saw.
The material is S355 and will be delivered with the whole and complete documentation regarding quality and tracking of product.
On the anchor plate it is affixed, with a suitable and automatic marker the number of identification and tracking and, on demand, the name of user.


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